This line of business is handled by our Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living division.  Beginning in 2010, we expanded into the Health & Wellness business.  Having had a long time relationship with products in this area for our own use, we decided to expand our professional consulting skills into this challenging arena.

As American health continued to decline, the need for improved health and wellness services increased.  Spawned by our initial involvement with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 from an IT perspective, we began to realize that Healthcare was a critical financial component of the USA economy. 

This led to increased awareness and involvement with medical and other healthcare professionals.  As the realization that Americans were being afflicted increasingly with diseases that were mostly lifestyle and nutritional in nature (heart disease, diabetes 2, cancer, etc.) we decided to enter into this area with a focus on becoming more knowledgeable about health and nutrition.  We found that many, if not most of the huge cost of healthcare was directly caused by lifesyle and consuming unhealthy 'foods' were directly contributing to many diseases in adults and children.

Further exploration led us to the shocking fact that most medical professionals (doctors, nurses, administrators) had received little or no training in nutrition and lifestyle as primary foundations of a healthy immune/healing system and it's protective and curative potential.

For the next several years, we began to take classes, expand our knowledge into the alternative medicines, therapies and successes that many non-prescription 'medications' (herbs, spices and food), have demonstrated for centuries in treating disease and maintaining health in general.

To this end, in 2010, we began the business we call Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living.  It has grown dramatically and now supports a line of home vertical hydroponics systems with the FOODY Hydroponics Systems.

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