Turn it On ~ Let it Go ~ Let it GROW

During the second half ot 2012, we discovered a unique vertical hydroponics system called a FOODY!  It was developed and initially introduced into the USA by Feed Our Planet out of Palm Beach Gardens Florida.  I contacted Peter Michie the founder and signed up to be a Distributor and Reseller of this unique product.

I set up our site for FOODY Hydroponics Systems under our parent Health and Wellness company, Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living.  Our stable of diverse enterprises continues to expand. Who knows what will be next!

Since then we have installed FOODY's at Disney World Epcot at the Land Pavilion, where they are thriving:

We are now fulfilling requests from as far away as Portugal and developing re-seller's in Europe and the UK.  The FOODY is a unique vertical hydroponics growing system that conserves space and provides a very cost effective way to supplement your daily nutrition with freshly grown vegetables, greens and herbs.  Check out our site at FOODY-Hydroponics.Com!